Doctrine 1.2.1 is out

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Tags: Doctrine
Datum: 08.12.2009 03:24:20

Doctrine 1.2.1 was released some hours ago, it contains some bugfixes:

  • [r6834] Fixing issue with relationship ordering
  • [r6835] Fixes issue with oracle adapter statement using wrong constant
  • [r6836] Fixing issue with sfYaml autoload not returning true
  • [r6839] Fixes issue with array cache driver and deleting
  • [r6840] Fixed thrown Exceptions to be package-level
  • [r6842] Fixes issue with $length in migrations addColumn
  • [r6859] Fixed misplaced param when parsing join condition
  • [r6883] Added empty init() method implementation to avoid method does not exist error
  • [r6889] Fixing issue with nested set createRoot() method and string root column
  • [r6893] Adding _cleanup() call to start of migrations diff to make sure directory is clean

Full Changelog: Change Log Doctrine 1.2.1
Download: Download Doctrine 1.2.1.

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