My default settings for Netbeans with PHP

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Datum: 01.12.2009 04:14:02

Some default settings I use in Netbeans:

Hiding and Showing specific Files

Because I want to see my .htaccess-Files in the Project-View, dont want to see the .git-directory but want to see .gitignore for example I change the Patter used to hide files in the Projects-View.

Tools -> Options -> Miscellaneous -> Files -> Files Ignored by the IDE -> Ignored Files Pattern


Twilight Theme (Dark Theme) for Netbeans

Since I prefer dark themes for my OS and my tools, I am using the Twilight-Theme for Netbeans.
Only the default-font I change back to Monospaced.

Tools -> Options -> Import ->
Restart Netbeans and go to

Tools -> Options -> Fonts & Colors and Choose it from the Profile-Selection.

Follow currently edited File

Netbeans supports following the currently in the editor opened file in the File-Tree of the project:

View -> Synchronize Editor With Views

Shortcut for "Remove Trailing Spaces"

Setting a short-cut for "Remove Trailing Spaces"(In most cases i forget to use it, but my ANT-Job does it later for me) to Shift + Ctrl + R in Tools -> Options -> Keymap

Activating additional PHP-Hints

Activating some Hints for PHP like "Variable might have not been initialized" or "Variable does not seem to be used in its scope":
Tools -> Options -> Editor -> Hints
Check or Uncheck the wanted Hints.

When working with big projects or while running something else in background I often turn off those Hints because my notebook is old and slow (P4 Mobile 1.73 Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 120GB Drive @ 5400 RPM running Ubuntu 9.04) and it can be a pain to work with it all features turned on.

CodeSniffer Plugin

Downloading and Installing CodeSniffer Plugin

Tools -> Plugins -> Downloaded

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