Problems with dark themes for you operating system

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Datum: 01.12.2009 03:29:46

When choosing a dark theme for your operating system, the biggest problem often is to find one which plays nice with all programs and tools and the OS itself. Big problem are often, that Tools use black text on black or dark background which is in most cases unreadable and forces you to select texts to read them (if possible and marked text has a better contrast). Another problem you have to face is that the text-color and background-color of select elements match, which again results in unreadable text. Marked text can get unreadable too if the marked color matches the color of marked text ...
Something really annoying when using dark themes is that some tools don't use all colors from the theme, for example force white backgrounds for text-based stuff, but that's something you can't really change when it is hardcoded in Programs or you have to look if they offer extra options for their color.

One thing you will propably start to notice when browsing the web, that browsers like Firefox use the the systems background-as default-css-background-color for webpages and form-elements instead of white and that means some webpages (which forget to set a background-color for html/body) will have the background-color of your theme instead of white. That can look really strange and sometimes really sucks on Forms if you can't even read what you have written.

On Linux/Gnome I used the Clearlooks Darklime Theme for a long time, it propably is more a semi-dark-theme than a dark theme, but it is nice and didn't have any glitches that disturbed me. I already used it for GTK-Applications (like Pidgin) under Windows XP more than a Year ago and i was happy with it. Currently I am using the Murrina LimeLight Theme, which is darker but also features green.

Looking for some other dark Themes for Gnome ? Try 20 beautiful dark themes for Gnome and Ubuntu on Cats who Code

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